Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wine fountain

Yes, that's really what it looks like. A stainless-steel, all-you-can-guzzle red wine fountain. Arriving at 8am, I proceeded to swill as much of its frothy produce as my malnourished stomach could handle. Resting on little more than the previous evening's dinner and a few meagre morsels of biscuit, the wine soon worked its magic and I had to fight to stop myself from vomiting, launching into a fast-paced walk that took me quickly away from the brewery enclosure and into the morning glow of the Spanish countryside. By 11am I'd walked off most of the alcohol and still didn't feel hungry. Ah, the metabolic wonder of booze...

1 comment:

Jules said...

Wow!! just as you said, the tap of paradise!

Do people put their mouths to it and drink until they fall over? I would, oh yes!!